Customers Hold Key to New Product Ideas

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When I launched nirāmaya in November 2020, I opened the e-commerce store with 8 products: beard oil; body wash; foot cream; hair gel; hand soap; shampoo; shave cream; and toothpaste. I had some ideas for future products, but nothing was confirmed at the outset.

I have learned many things about merchandizing and the all-natural personal care product industry since launching nirāmaya.  But one of the more significant things I have learned is that customers hold the key to new product ideas. Soon after launching nirāmaya, customers asked me if I had a particular product or if I was planning to offer such a product in the future. I quickly realized that customers were giving me the new product ideas I needed to keep nirāmaya evolving. Customers were my best source for new product ideas.

In some cases, customer ideas were completely new products, like the body cream I launched in February 2021. New products, like lip balm and face cream, have also recently been launched, thanks to customer input.

In other cases, customers gave me ideas for new scents of current products. Customers have provided ideas for new scents of body cream, body wash, hand soap, and shampoo. While product testing the lip balm that launched in September 2021, product testers gave many ideas for new lip balm flavors.

When I think about it, it makes perfect sense. Customers will always be my best source for new product ideas. It is customers that will reflect market demand. Listening to customers will be key to offering products that will serve the customers well in the future.

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