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One of the joyful experiences I have had since launching niramaya in 2020, is making connections with other ethical entrepreneurs. It has been a joy to meet other entrepreneurs who truly care about the products they offer and about their customer experience.

My first joyful experience with ethical entrepreneurship was meeting the owner of a company that specialized in all-natural beard oil. I first became aware of this company through Instagram. I watched their posts and quickly realized they had a different mindset than most other Instragramers. I started responding to their posts and built a rapport with the owner. On one particular exchange, I learned that the company had turned down an offer to sell their product through a major distributor to overseas markets, thereby potentially expanding their business multi-fold. The reason they turned down the offer was because of ethical concerns over the business practices of this distributor.

Closer to home, I was attracted to a beautiful handcrafted soap maker in my local area. I liked the look of their product and recognized the care they took in selecting the ingredients they used in their all-natural soaps. I decided to order some of their soaps. Before filling my online order, the owner reached out to me to make sure I understood their product and what I was ordering. The owner took the time to explain, in detail, the ingredients and processes that went into making their soaps. The owner wanted to make sure I was ordering the right product for me.

I take great care in selecting the ingredients I use in my all-natural products. I take great care in having people sample and test the products before I offer them to the general public. I was so pleased to meet other entrepreneurs who cared, just as much as I do, about their product(s) and the customers they serve.

To these ethical entrepreneurs, it’s more than just a product. Their product(s) are an extension of themselves. They aren’t selling a product, necessarily. They are selling a little, maybe a lot, of themselves.

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