My Healing Journey with All-Natural Products

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Over the past two to three years, I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my health and well-being due to the use of all-natural products. Some of these improvements have made a major difference in my life. All have improved my quality of life. This article shares some of my healing journey with all-natural products.

I began to explore all-natural products because I was having difficulty sleeping. The situation was bordering on insomnia. I would have a decent sleep only once every 10 nights. I considered going to see my GP about the situation, but then I heard about the positive affects lavender essential oil had on sleep. I tried it and immediately experienced better sleep. My sleep patterns completely reversed. Instead of one good sleep out of every 10 nights, I would have only one night of poor sleep out of every 10 nights. So, when I had the opportunity to explore using lavender essential oil in an all-natural product, I discovered a wonderful recipe for all-natural foot cream that included lavender essential oil. The nirāmaya all-natural foot cream incorporates a special formula of lavender, vetiver, eucalyptus, and roman chamomile essential oil into a luxurious foot cream that helps to induce relaxation and aides in a restful night’s sleep. While the foot cream can be used at any time, night time application has further improved my sleep.

One unexpected health benefit of using all-natural products was its ability to heal my psoriasis. I had developed psoriasis patches on both elbows and where my ear lobes connect to my neck. I was to learn later that the elbows and ear lobes are common areas for psoriasis to develop. I had also developed a patch of psoriasis on my neck. When I experience the luxurious moisturizing quality of the nirāmaya all-natural foot cream, I decided to try the foot cream on one of my psoriasis patches. I figured that the moisturizing nature of the foot cream alone should help to alleviate some of the burning itching. Not only did the foot cream stop the itching, it eliminated the psoriasis all together! I looked into the healing qualities of the essential oils in the foot cream and learned that the chamomile oil present in the foot cream is effective at healing psoriasis.

Many men who have beards experience dry whiskers and itchy skin. I was no exception. As soon as I began using the niramaya all-natural beard oil, I no longer had dry and brittle whiskers. This resulted in no more beard dandruff; which can be quite annoying for those beard lovers out there. In addition, I no longer experienced dry and itchy skin underneath my beard. The jojoba oil helped to moisturize my skin and alleviate the itching.

I had developed a mild acne condition on my scalp. Blemishes and blackheads would form both on my scalp and along my hair line. These blemishes were constantly present. If one patch would dissipate, another patch would emerge. As soon as I started using the niramaya all-natural shampoo, the acne stopped. The astringent qualities of the peppermint and rosemary essentials oils in the shampoo acted as an effective tonic to remove toxic congestion in/on the skin and prevent the build up of acne.

Dry and cracked hands, especially during the winter months, is a fairly common condition. The niramaya all-natural hand soap and niramaya all-natural body cream eliminated this issue. Regular hand soap, while cleaning my hands, would often leave my hands feeling dry. The niramaya all-natural hand soap uses pure liquid castile soap and jojoba oil to leave my skin feeling moisturized without any greasy residue. The niramaya all-natural body cream was a wonderful addition to my hands. The shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil are quickly absorbed into the skin and really help to keep my hands soft and supple, even during the winter months.

Perhaps the most significant area of health improvement was around oral health. I was accustomed to brushing my teeth three times per day, flossing daily, and using commercial mouthwash daily. Despite this care regime, I would regularly get mouth ulcers. I also developed an allergic-like reaction to toothpaste and mouthwash that resulted in my gums swelling. As soon as I switched to the niramaya all-natural toothpaste, all my previous oral health issues cleared up! I have only had a couple of mouth ulcer since I began using the niramaya all-natural toothpaste in 2019, and I no longer have any gum swelling. In addition, I used to have a problem with stained teeth. niramaya all-natural toothpaste, whitening formula, has significantly reduced teeth staining and helps to keep my ‘pearly whites’, white.

Lastly, as a man, shaving is a daily ritual, even with my full beard—I trim around my cheek bones and throat to keep my beard groomed. Using commercial shave cream products, I would regularly nick and cut my skin. There was one particularly problematic area around my ‘adam’s apple’ that resulted in significant irritation due to repeated nicks and cuts, no matter how careful I was to avoid irritating this area. As soon as I started using the niramaya all-natural shave cream, I stopped nicking and cutting myself, even around my adam’s apple. The shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil help the blades glide gently over my skin and prevent nicks and cuts.

While none of the above conditions were life-threatening, some of them were very annoying and some were serious, for me. Switching to all-natural products helped to alleviate the conditions that I had lived with for so long! Overall, all-natural products have greatly improved my health and well-being.

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