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I was recently contacted by a company in New York that wanted to buy nirāmaya. The conversation with this company’s CEO was brief and, in the end, I did not sell nirāmaya. The experience was such a blessing, as it got me thinking about what and who nirāmaya is and to further develop my brand and identity.

From the onset I have never thought of nirāmaya as a company. Having successfully made my way through an Executive MBA program at a prestigious university, I know very well what a business is. But nirāmaya never felt like it fit that mold. Yes, there are elements of a business in niramaya; in order to stay alive, I do have to keep an eye on the ‘bottom line’— nirāmaya needs to remain profitable. But the foundation of nirāmaya is not profit driven. So, what then is nirāmaya? By definition, because it does not offer services or programs, and does require profit to exist, it is not a not-for-profit or charitable organization. So, nirāmaya is neither a business or a not-for-profit / charitable organization.

nirāmaya has always been an inspiration to me. An inspiration to share in the joy of making and using my own all-natural products from pure ingredients. What could I call this inspiration though? On a recent day-long bike ride—a passion of mine—it suddenly came to me! nirāmaya is a custodianship.

A custodian is a person who has a responsibility for or looks after something. What is it I’m a custodian of, exactly? All of nirāmaya’s products are made from pure and simple ingredients. These pure and simple ingredients are gifts from the earth. In this way, nirāmaya is a custodian of the gifts of the earth in the form of the ingredients I use to make the all-natural products I sell. My responsibility is to take care of these gifts, to collaborate with nature, and incorporate them as lovingly as possible into products that I share with everyone, everywhere.

My vision is that everyone, everywhere, will align with this philosophy and mission and use nature’s gifts to heal themselves, heal others, and heal humanity. I intend for nirāmaya to serve as a custodian of nature’s gifts to inspire, co-create, and raise awareness of all-natural products. It is not important to me whether of not people buy nirāmaya’s products, but it is important to me that everyone, everywhere become aware of the options they have in choosing the products they invite into their lives, place on their bodies, and consume.

Will you join me in sharing this mission and vision?



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  • Each day I look forward to reading niramaya moments and listening to to the soothing music.I use several products and and I’m delighted with all.I recommend niramaya to all.

    Lannie Forgeron-Meagher

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