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Our customers are loving our products! So what are they saying specifically?

The all-natural beard oil is a hit with those who use it. Richard Harvey says “The beard oil has a lovely smell and texture. The applicator works well. Quality product!” Even the partners of those who use the beard oil are enjoying it. Here is what Terry Kirouac has to say about her husband’s use of the beard oil, “I want to thank you for the beard oil. My husband loves it and says his wiry chin hair is softer. I love the smell.”

Following the success of our all-natural foot cream (read below), we decided to formulate an all-purpose, all-natural body cream. Mariane Erikkson has this to say…"This body cream has a marvelous whipped "mousse" texture that has a sweet sizzle to it when first picking it up and applying it, with the yummy smell of cocoa butter first to delight you.  As it's smoothed on, the airy texture gives way to that of the oils as they release their soothing smells. It really is a spa experience in a jar! With just a few strokes, the oils penetrate and leave a supple "finish" on the skin. Moisturizing my skin is much more interesting and luxurious now!" Christine Meagher-Sturgeon so enjoyed her all-natural body cream that she wrote… “My body cream arrived today! It is heavenly…feels like a breath of fresh air, like a spa moment! My skin is love, love, loving it!”

Sometimes products offer benefits beyond their intended purpose. Such is the case with the nirāmaya all-natural foot cream. Cathy Steele reports “The foot cream is exquisitely silky, delectably alluring scent, rich, and after one application wonderfully therapeutic, notably in nail care. All in all, a beautiful blend. I'd liken it to the champagne of foot cream!” And runners are enjoying the soothing texture of the foot cream on their feet. Here’s what Heather Bousada has to say, “Your foot cream is to die for!!! Love, love it!!! Especially as a runner I’m really enjoying it.” Irene Nielsen noted… “The foot cream is lovely and has a nice aroma…and not overpowering as many products can be.”

If you ever thought shampoo was just shampoo, think again. nirāmaya’s all-natural shampoo lathers up real nice, cleans well, and conditions at the same time according to Dan Connolly, “The shampoo lathered up really well. Cleaned my hair beautifully. Really feels like my hair is conditioned.” And Myriam Barter loves the smell of the product, “It smells amazing and for all-natural was really nice!”

I think the nirāmaya all-natural shave cream is wonderful, and so does Chris Bousada, “I don’t think I’ve ever felt my face so soft after shaving!!” I agree with Chris, your skin will feel silky smooth after using this product!

Customers are also loving the nirāmaya all-natural toothpaste. Kate Reekie says “I just used it and love the coconut flavor.” Diane Kartcher says “I have been using the nirāmaya toothpaste with lemon each night for a week. My teeth feel so clean; my mouth so fresh. It has a healing quality for healthy gums.” And Mariane Erikkson loves the ‘experience’ of the toothpaste… “I really like it! I love the jar 'experience' and its texture. It's so natural and pampering. I use it once a day, alternating with another product from a health shop which is not as natural and pampering as the niramaya toothpaste. I like the mild 'salty' taste and the smooth, yet slightly textured consistency.  The smell is compelling.”

Join the family of people discovering and experiencing the joy of niramaya’s all-natural personal care products. We’re sure you’ll love them too!

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