What’s Next for nirāmaya?

all-natural personal care products

Photo Credit: pexels.com - Flo Maderebner

nirāmaya is coming up to its 2-year anniversary! The first 2 years has been a joyful adventure. The focus has been on growing the product catalogue. When I launched nirāmaya in the fall of 2020, I launched the e-commerce store with 8 products. Today, nirāmaya offers more than 20 products, with most products offering variants. For example, the shampoo comes in dry hair and oily hair formulas.

I will always be looking for new products to add to the catalogue. It is more likely that variants will be added to the current product offerings. So, what now? What’s next?

In the coming months, I will turn my focus and attention to marketing and promotion. In addition to maintaining current marketing and promotion efforts, I will explore new ways to get the word out about nirāmaya’s all-natural products.

Thank you to all of nirāmaya’s customers that have trusted in me and my products. You can look forward to continuing to enjoy the benefits of all-natural, organic ingredients in these wonderful personal care products.

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