niramāya Officially Receives Trademark ®

In November of 2020, niramāya applied for a registered trademark on its name and products. In December 2022, niramāya officially received its registered trademark and can now display the symbol ® on its website and products.

The registered trademark symbol ® is a notice of registered trademark ownership. Companies apply for registered trademark for different reasons; but it is most commonly used to advise the public that a trademark or service mark is registered, providing notice of the legal ownership status of the mark with which it is used.

While I accept and respect the legalities of a registered trademark symbol ®, I did not pursue a registered trademark for legal reasons. Even though I was advised by a colleague who worked in the trademark department of our federal government to apply for registered trademark for legal reasons, I decided to pursue trademark registration for branding purposes.

For me, having niramāya’s name and products officially registered as a trademark brings credibility to the company’s name and products. Having a registered trademark helps to strengthen the niramāya brand.

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