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The shampoo lathered up really well. Cleaned my hair beautifully. Really feels like my hair is conditioned.

Dan Connolly

The foot cream is exquisitely silky, delectably alluring scent, rich, and after one application wonderfully therapeutic, notably in nailcare. All in all, a beautiful blend. I'd liken it to the champagne of foot cream!

Cathy Steele

The line of products are VERY beautiful and would make beautiful gifts.

Leslie Hier

All-natural personal care products made with pure ingredients.

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Your foot cream is to die for!!! Love, love it!!! Especially as a runner, I’m really enjoying it.

Heather Bousada

I have been using the nirāmaya toothpaste with lemon each night for a week. My teeth feel so clean; my mouth so fresh. It has a healing quality for healthy gums.

Diane Kartcher

I used my new body wash and it felt so good! I love it!

Christine Meagher-Sturgeon

Experience the natural qualities of nirāmaya products.


I just used it [toothpaste] and love the coconut flavor.

Kate Reekie

"It smells amazing [the shampoo] and for all-natural was really nice!"

Myriam Barter

The beard oil has a lovely smell and texture. The applicator works well. Quality product!

Richard Harvey

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I don’t think I’ve ever felt my face so soft after shaving!!!

Chris Bousada

I want to thank you for the beard oil. My husband loves it and says his wiry chin hair is softer. I love the smell.

Terry Kirouac

The citrus hand soap is lovely in its lingering scent!


nirāmaya means 'purity'


The foot cream is lovely and has a nice aroma…and not overpowering as many products can be.

Irene Nielsen

My body cream arrived today! It is heavenly…feels like a breath of fresh air, like a spa moment! My skin is love, love, loving it!

Christine Meagher-Sturgeon

I really like it! I love the jar 'experience' and its texture. It's so natural and pampering. I use it once a day, alternating with another product from a health shop which is not as natural and pampering as the niramaya toothpaste. I like the mild 'salty' taste and the smooth, yet slightly textured consistency.  The smell is compelling.

Mariane Eriksson